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The target of hybrid farming and rice production

As a result of government incentives, rice cultivation and production are increasing in Pirojpur. In the current Osh season, a target has been set to cultivate Osh on 19,600 hectares of land in Pirojpur. visit news

At the same time,

the target of rice production has been set at 50,900 metric tons. The District Office of the Ministry of Agriculture, Pirojpur, has set this target for land cultivation and rice production by mixing four Osh, Hybrid, Offsi, Local, and Buna varieties.

The target of hybrid farming and rice production was set at 119 tonnes on 37 hectares, 39 thousand 781 tonnes of Ufsi on 14 thousand 550 hectares, 2 thousand 389 tonnes of local variety on 1 thousand 893 hectares, and 8 thousand 611 tonnes of Buna Osh. Was. 3 thousand 120 hectares.


Arun Roy,

Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer, Pirojpur District Office of the Agricultural Extension Department, said that an incentive of Tk 95,000 has been given to 14,000 farmers in 7 upazilas of the district to increase the production of Auch.

The Agricultural Extension Department of the State Agriculture Ministry provided seeds and fertilizers to 14,000 farmers and 14,000 bighas from this allocation.

Each farmer has been provided 5 kg of improved seeds, 10 kg of DAP fertilizer, and 10 kg of MOP fertilizer for high-yielding ash cultivation per bigha of land.


Deputy Director of Agricultural Extension Department

, Pirojpur. Nazrul Islam said that the government has provided incentive support for Osh agriculture in the region, so there is a lot of enthusiasm among Osh farmers, and as a result, the area of agricultural land and rice production in Osh is gradually increasing.

The Deputy Director also said that if the weather remains favorable and natural disasters like floods, cyclones, droughts, and fires do not occur,


it will be possible to exceed the set target for rice production.

Farmer Ratan Dali of Rairakathi village of Pirojpur Sadar upazila said that the government incentives, s

The victim complained that two days after Eid

uch as fertilizers and seeds, are attracting farmers to cultivate Osh.

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