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The whole bureaucracy gets an awful title due to these few degenerate bureaucrats.

The whole bureaucracy gets an awful title due to these few degenerate bureaucrats

Previous Remote Serve and Part of Parliament from Sylhet-1 voting demographic.

Abdul Momen said that the way the Honorable Prime Serve has kept up the pace of improvement in the past 16 long times is a ponder of the world. As of now, the fundamental impediment to keeping up this advancement is debasement. This debasement has discoloured the picture of the government. Due to this debasement, ventures need to be completed on time. The result is that the toll increases and the inconveniences for the individuals increase. An area of bureaucrats has gotten to be degenerate, and the persecution of the individuals is expanding.

The whole bureaucracy gets an awful title due to these few degenerate bureaucrats.


Abdul Momen said this amid his support in the third monetary year 2024-2025 budget session of the Twelfth National Parliament nowadays. At this time, the Speaker of Parliament was utilized to manage the Parliament. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury.


Momen said in Parliament that His Excellency the Prime Serve has reported zero resistance towards debasement. The legitimate heading and measures to avoid debasement and cash washing overseas in this budget will offer assistance in picking up the belief of the open. Presently, it has become vital to make yearly bookkeeping of mobile and undaunted resources required by government representatives. A few degenerate authorities are pulverizing the country’s notoriety.

In these cases,

straightforwardness, responsibility, and strict discipline will diminish corruption.

The previous remote service said that the budget needed to be fairer for the bookkeeping of yearly wages and use. Still, it implies meeting the desires of this nation’s individuals, making strides in their quality of life, moving forward the future of their children and girls, executing the dreams and plans of the government, and taking different steps to accomplish those dreams.

Bangladesh’s budget is interesting in this regard.


Momen said that conventional citizens are presently confronting numerous challenges. Subsequently, they all trust Prime Serve Sheik Hasina, in whom the nation has confidence. The huge questions for the common citizen are one-time swelling, two-fold increment in work, three-fold income increment, four-fold debasement,

halt blackmail and authoritative harassment.


He furthermore said that due to insufficient work openings in the nation, thousands of labourers move overseas each year legitimately and wrongfully. According to official figures, 3.6% of individuals are unemployed in our nation. Understudies of financial matters know that unemployment of less than 4% is called full business. But six out of ten guests to my office come for work.


The bank’s condition is awful. If there had been any measures in the budget,

it would have been conceivable to reestablish open certainty. Fair citizens are moreover baffled by the declaration of changing dark cash into white cash by forcing a 15 per cent assessment on dark cash. I feel the need to make strides to change dark cash into white.

Due to overwhelming downpours and upstream streams in India

The highly significant Eid al-Adha supplications

Momen said that the Parliamentary Back Committee had prescribed the presentation of keen cards to increase exchanges through legitimate channels. Tolerating these will increase settlements and not, as it were, allow regard to vagrant families, but it will also diminish the badgering they confront.

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