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GI products and the list of GI-eligible products were introduced.

Dhaka: A law firm in India has been recommended to take on the legal battle to protect the geographical identity (GI) or geographical indication rights of Tangail sarees.


The Ministry of Industry has submitted

this information to the Supreme Court. At the same time, GI products and the list of GI-eligible products were introduced. visit site:

After submitting the information on Monday (May 06), the Supreme Court bench of Justice Muhammad Khurshid Alam Sarkar and Justice SM Muniruzzaman adjourned the hearing for two weeks. At the same time, he requested that the report be submitted as an affidavit.


Advocate Sarwat Siraj Shukla defended the petition in court. After the initial hearing of his order, the Supreme Court ruled on February 19.


In the order, the Supreme Court directed

That Geographical Identification (GI) products be eligible for local and international registration and introduced the list of products registered as GI products.


The court asked why the authorities’ failure to list and register products with geographical indications in the rule was illegal—the Minister of Commerce, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Culture, etc. 

Advocate Sarwat Siraj Shukla said that Tangail saree qualifies as a GI product in Bangladesh. However, India has registered this product as its own.


I made an order in this light.

After this, I received positive information from the government. The list has been submitted to the Supreme Court. Hundreds of GI products from different regions are listed. This list will continue to grow. The list of GI-eligible products has also been provided.


According to an Industry Ministry document

It has been recommended that the India-based law firm Mason & Associates be hired to fight the legal battle to protect the geographical identification rights of Tangail saree.

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However, the Bangladesh High Commission in Delhi can appoint another company through negotiation if it deems it necessary.

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