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The victim complained that two days after Eid

Teenage domestic worker Nazira (9) was brutally beaten and beaten to death for stealing gold while on her way to work in Dhaka. The incident took place at the residence of Anwar Hussain, who worked as a senior assistant at Hazrat Shahjalal Airport in the capital, Dhaka.


The victim complained that two days after Eid, various parts of his body were burnt because he had asked for a plate of rice in exchange for work. visit more news


During this time,

if you ask for a glass of water due to unbearable pain, a hot knife will be placed on your chest. Anwar and his wife carried out this cruel torture by tying their faces with cloth.

When she fell seriously ill after the accident, Nazira’s grandfather brought her to Gaibandha, after which she was admitted first to Gaibandha Sadar Hospital and then to the burn unit of Rangpur Medical College Hospital for advanced treatment. Nazira is believed to be the daughter of blind Isa Kha and ailing Joshna Begum,


residents of East Paliapara in Phulshari upazila of Gaibandha.

A small burden on a needy family, Nazira was sent to Dhaka as a domestic servant by a local youth named Balban in the last month of Ramzan.


The victim, Nazira, lying on the bed of Rangpur Medical College Hospital, said that ever since Anwar’s wife came to work, he beats her mercilessly on various pretexts. Anwar Hussain and his wife suddenly became excited when they ordered food after two days of Eid work.


Once, they beat me badly,

branded me with hot sticks on various parts of my body, and accused me of stealing gold. Hearing the news, my grandfather brought me from Dhaka to Gaibanda’s house on April 13, when I was very ill.


Nazira’s family claims that after working all day, the house servant could not bear the pangs of hunger and ordered a plate of rice and burned various parts of Nazira’s body with a knife.


Nazira’s mother, Joshna Begum, said that Nazira was admitted to Gaibanda Sadar Hospital when she felt very ill the day after she was brought from Dhaka.

He said he was admitted to Rangpur Medical College Hospital.

He was asked for better treatment with a discharge letter. At present, the condition of the girl is not good. He said that Nazira was sent to Dhaka by a young man named Balban during Ramzan due to family financial problems.

Baboon Airport hired her as a maid at Anwar Hussain’s house. Anwar Hussain’s wife, Nazira, harassed him ever since he entered the business. After last Eid, Nazia’s mother had complained that she was beaten with hot sticks on various parts of her body for allegedly stealing gold.


When Balban, the youth who took the girl to Dhaka,

was contacted on his mobile phone, he said, I work as a desk clerk at the airport. At Anwar Sir’s request, I took my relative Nazira to Dhaka as a housemaid to do domestic work. After Nazira joined the job, Mr. Anwar did not allow me to contact her. When I asked for any information,

he suddenly did not pay attention;

after Eid, Mr. Anwar called me and told me he was in Comilla with Nazira. Nadira’s physical condition is terrible there. When I asked him what happened, he got angry at me. Later, he came to know about the incident and sent Nazira’s grandfather to Dhaka; Anwar took Nazira in a microbus and handed her over to her grandfather; from then, he heard that Nazira died a few days after joining the job.

He was caught stealing a phone number worth Rs 5000. After this incident, Anwar’s wife used to torture Nazira a lot, and I feel sad to see Nazira admitted to Gaibandha Sadar Hospital and Rangpur Medical College Hospital. I thought Mr. Anwar was good,


but he lost my trust.

Dr. Shaheen Shah, burn unit physician at Rangpur Medical College Hospital, said Nazira (9 years old) was admitted to the burn unit of Rangpur Medical College Hospital on Wednesday, April 17. Hot rods were fired on their neck, back, and other parts of the body.

The country’s instruction has become so inadequate

Due to the lack of proper treatment till now, infection has occurred in those places. We are trying our best. However, his condition is not problematic.

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