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Due to overwhelming downpours and upstream streams in India

Due to overwhelming downpours and upstream streams in India

Due to overwhelming downpours and upstream streams in India,

the Surma, Kushiyara, and Sari waterways have crossed the threat level. As a result, floods influenced ​​13 areas of the area, counting different zones of the city.


The Barikandi substation of the Sylhet Power Conveyance Division is threatened by the persistent rise in Surma’s water level.


The circumstance of water entering the substation has been there since Tuesday (June 18) evening. There is a threat of control blackout from there.


After getting data about the matter,

Sylhet City Chairman Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury went by the control substation. He examined it with the Service of Power and asked the armed forces to participate in the centre’s operation.


In reaction to the city chairman’s call for participation, an armed force group has begun work to secure the Barikandi control substation.

Sandbagging and dike work are being done there.


Mohammad Abdul Kadir, head of the Sylhet Power Advancement and Dissemination Division, said that although the control substation is almost to go up, there is no circumstance to shut it down. The armed force was to begin with to construct a defensive divider by tossing sand packs so that the control supply would not be cut off. They have been working since evening.



numerous individuals are spreading deception by posting pictures of the 2022 surges on different media, including social media, as control supply from the Barikandi substation has been cut off. Also, ancient pictures of Osmani Worldwide Airplane terminal are spreading, causing perplexity. The concerned individuals communicated disappointment over this. He inquired not to consider rumours.


It is worth noticing that the Barikandi substation was closed due to the 2022 surges.

The production of 5G mobile phones has increased in the country.

Bangladesh Armed Forces East Bengal Regiment

At that time, the water in the Surma waterway had crossed the peril level, and the Kumargaon control substation on the edges of the city was, moreover, incidentally closed. Afterwards, the supply was mobilized with the offer of assistance from the armed forces.

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