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Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Meghna Group management,

Exporting to many countries around the world to meet the needs of the country. He said these things while he inaugurated the Sun Pharma pharmaceutical factory at Meghna Industrial Economic Zone in Sonargaon,


on Saturday (May 25) at noon. Advertisement He said that for two decades, Sun Pharma has been producing quality and affordable medicines for the people of the country. In addition to increasing production capacity, the company works with the objective of creating new job opportunities in the country.

In addition to the latest technologies,

its annual production capacity is approximately one billion tablets and capsules. Bangladesh has come a long way in the pharmaceutical industry advertisement. Pranoy Verma, Indian Ambassador to Bangladesh, said that India supported Bangladesh with vaccines and oxygen during the Corona period.

In the future,

we will be at our side investing in various sectors, including medicine. Google News Channel Follow our Google News channel for news. Meanwhile, Bangladesh Economic Zone Authority (BEZA) CEO Sheikh Yusuf Harun, Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Administration Director General Major General Muhammad Yusuf,


Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Meghna Group management,

He moreover said that the take-off of BIWTA authorities at all levels had been canceled.

Kieron Berg, hacking and security consultant at Prism InfoSec reveals the five mistakes.

Mustafa Kamal, the president of Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Industries Association and the president of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Limited. Dr Abdul Muqtadir, General Secretary SM Shafiuzzaman, Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Dhaka (acting), and Prof. Dr Fayrouz Ahmed were present.

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