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Home comfort in green

It has become difficult to survive

In this extreme heat outbreak not only outside but also at home. The intense scorching heat gives a feeling of discomfort all the time. The heat has now exceeded human tolerance.

 It would help if you worked regularly.

Everywhere outside the home. But the most important thing is the name of the place where you can forget all the tiredness and exhaustion throughout the day.

Therefore, this summer, adequate comfort is needed for the home. Only then will you get physical and mental comfort and peace?

However, a place where you can relax and forget your tiredness is the name of the house.

Trees and green spaces are closely related to the comfort of the home. So let’s find out a little about how to combine the comfort of home and green spaces.


Is the house light again or not?

It makes the room look very tidy. Extra pillows or sheets on the bed, extra windows make the room uncomfortable. Furniture also needs to be replaced on hot days.

Care must be taken to keep the space through which air enters as empty and open as possible.


How to make home a place of relaxation

Planting trees is part of the luxury in a brick-and-stone mechanized city.

But since the home needs to be relaxing, a touch of green is a must.

 These trees will give you peace of mind. Some plants that do well indoors are now readily available and easy to care for indoors. So let’s know about those trees-


Indoor plants can be used as plants,

And some popular plants called air conditioning plants can survive in air-conditioning rooms. These include silver queen, Chinese palm,

leaf bamboo or lucky bamboo, dracaena, golden dracaena, aloe vera, different types of orchids and ferns, different types of foliage like money plant, caladium, bonsai, lucky tree,

Erica palm, tulsi, etc. These types of trees can be arranged in different places of the house depending on their size and height.


String of pearls

Think of a beautiful string of pearls as an indoor plant. It can add a nice glow to your living space as it can be hung. This plant needs good water and bright, indirect light conditions for good growth.


If you are a coffee lover, the Arabica coffee plant is one of the best indoor plants. It is beautiful and very low-maintenance. Its bright green leaves add to the beauty of the home. It is best suited to regular water and moderate indirect light conditions. Top news

English Ivy

English ivy is a classic small-space indoor plant. It can easily be potted and hung in baskets or small containers. Furthermore,

constant moisture and plenty of direct sunlight are essential for healthy English ivy. Also, when the wind blows, the leaves of these trees release cool air.


A bile on the edge of a small living room can help you a lot. One of the best indoor plants. It has unique, rounded leaves that pair well with minimal decor and a simple pot option. Be careful with how you water this plant because it needs the soil to be completely dry before rewatering.


Snake plant

. The snake plant with yellow-green leaves has its real appeal.. This plant fits well into the barren corners of the room.


Aloe vera

One of the best indoor plants for the home or office is aloe vera. It is available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Its brightly colored flowers can sometimes add a pop of color to your home.  Therefore, they are easy to care for.


Peace lilies are one of the best indoor plants because they are easy to care for. It blooms with beautiful white flowers that can charm any living space, no matter how small.


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Tulsi tree

The best place to plant a Tulsi plant is where it can get enough.Tulsi grows well in summer. Apart from beauty and relaxation, Tulsi is very beneficial.

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