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Obaidul Quader explained the matter of relatives being candidates

He said these things at a press conference organized

At the Awami League president’s office in the capital, Dhanmondi, on Friday afternoon. At that time, during the statements I made regarding the Upazila elections, many people thought I was speaking on my behalf, he said.

But yesterday the leader himself spoke frankly about it. He mentions two words for relatives – wife and children.


He (the Prime Minister) said that clearly. As per his (Chief Minister) directions, we will conduct our party activities and perform our duties as per the directions of our leader regarding the upazila elections as well.


When asked about the Prime Minister’s statement

That’s what we all say

Regarding his brother’s candidacy for the Upazila elections, he said, “You can ask one of my relatives who also became a candidate in the Upazila.” The question is whether we have the support.

It remains to be seen whether it affects the administration or the elections. No one in the party has anything to do with him, and no one in its leadership supports him. There is no doubt about my support.


He also said that many had begun withdrawing nominations in the meantime. Some of us have already withdrawn. Our servant’s son Dastgir has withdrawn. Click here


The Awami League Secretary General

Said that it cannot be said that he will not withdraw from the elections in the end. I don’t think the guiding principle of our Prime Minister is that I will say one thing and put it into practice. I will not tolerate any kind of favoritism under any circumstances.


Pointing out that the BNP is putting pressure on the government through various conspiracies, the minister said that those who wanted to keep us under pressure are now under pressure.

Because the touch of the Arab Spring is also across the Atlantic. The forces of the liberation war must unite to confront the conspiracy.

. BNP notaries are being lazy. The employees are frustrated.


Government obstructs Khaleda Zia’s treatment abroad

He said the supervisor filed a case against BNP Bank. The Awami League did not do that.

. One year’s trial did not end in 10 years. BNP leaders are responsible for this. They also failed to organize a clear protest march in the streets to demand freedom.

In fact, due to Sheikh Hasina’s generosity

The sentence was suspended and arrangements were made for him to remain at home and receive treatment. He even helped bring doctors from abroad for treatment.


=>>Myanmar junta does not allow men to work abroad


Awami League Organizing Secretary B.M. was present. Muzammil Haque, SM Kamal Hossain, Deputy Secretary Saim Khan and others at the press conference.

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