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Under the pretext of constructing a 250-meter drain, two kilometers of roads are cut down!

The route which starts from Godagari upazila

Headquarters in Rajshahi passes through Chapainawabganj headquarters and ends at Nachol upazila Sapahar upazila headquarters in Naogaon. Amanora Bazaar in Chapinawabganj Sadar is part of this route.

Basically, the trees on both sides of the road from Kendul in Sadar to Amanora Bypass railway station, which were providing shade and maintaining order, were killed. visit more news


However, the State Roads and Tracks Administration (SOAZ) has started construction of a 250-metre drain from Kenduil Bazar near Chapainawabganj railway station to the source of Godagari-Nachol road.

The Chapainawabganj Zilla:

Parishad has been found to be felling hundreds of trees on both sides of the 2 km long road from Kendul of Chapainawabganj Sadar to Amanura Bypass railway station on the pretext of creating a drain of just 250 metres. The contractor’s family cuts these trees for 12 days.

Engineer Mehdi Hasan of Chapinawabganj Roads and Public Roads Department told Ittefaq on Friday (May 3) via mobile phone that they are constructing a 250-metre-long drain from Kenduil Bazar in Sadar towards Amanura Bazar at a cost of only 27 lakh. The work has already begun.

He said: The project to establish the bank began a year ago.


The entire area is basking:

in the hot sun on the empty road after felling trees. Felled logs lying on the road. After a while the truck comes and takes the dead logs.

The contractor’s men cut and remove fresh trees.

Fresh trees are being felled and removed by Zilla Parishad mainly in view of the message given by Sauz.

Locals say the 250 trees sold by the district council on paper is unreasonable.

Kabir Hussain, the contractor’s representative:

Denied the allegation of cutting additional trees, saying, “They are only cutting the specified 250 trees.” We have been cutting trees for 10 days. It will take another 10 days to complete the cutting of 250 trees.

Abdul Salam, a trader at Amanora Market, said: “The market was cool in the shade of the trees. The surrounding area was filled with birds chirping

. But Zila Parishad is cutting down hundreds of fresh trees without thinking about the nature of the environment.


Amanora Market has been thriving since the tree was cut down.

The presence of people in the market is increasing.” Decreasing now Kamala’s family is not sitting in the market.

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Chapainawabganj Zilla Parishad CEO Afaz Uddin told Ittefak that the Department of Roads and Public Roads is constructing drains near the road. That’s why they sold 250 trees on both sides of the road. There is no opportunity to cut additional trees.

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