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I gave my ID and a photograph. After a few days,

Musa is a inhabitant of Bholahat upazila in Chapinawabganj. Meem Akhtar (24). She displayed his national personality card and photo to the open agent in the trust of getting a sewing machine from the government to bring thriving to the family.

Be that as it may,

he did not get a sewing machine. He reached the Upazila LGD office through a portable phone, a sewing machine was put in front of him, his photo was taken, and he was sent home. Not as it were Meem Akhtar, at least 11 upazila ladies were called to the upazila for the reason of gifting sewing machines, and Ashabur Rahman, a designer from the Nearby Government Designing Division (LGED),

Called the machines in front of them. ,

I marked and took pictures and sent them home. Recently, in this occurrence, the Bad Habit President of Upazila Parishad composed a complaint to the Executive of the Nearby Government Organization Division (LGED) of Rajshahi and the LGED of Chapainbaganj. Shahnaz Khatun.

The casualties complained that they were summoned to the upazila with a guarantee to supply sewing machines with cash for government ventures. Ashabur Rahman, a builder with the Directorate of Building of the Upazila Neighborhood Government Organization,

Took the photos by setting sewing machines in front of them.

But he afterward recouped those machines without giving them away. According to important sources, 3 percent of the add-up to allotments was apportioned to the Women’s Advancement Gathering beneath the yearly advancement program for the financial year 2021-2022. The sum is 2 million 25 thousand takas. With these stores, an extend was begun to disperse sewing machines to 27 needy families. The most noteworthy bidder is chosen as the temporary worker by welcoming offers in agreement with the fitting rules. The LGED builder put the sewing machine in front,

Took a photo of it, and, at that point,

recovered it. We are needy people,” said the casualty, Meem Akhtar, an inhabitant of the Bagratik Peranchak zone in Bholahat upazila. She raised dairy animals and goats. But there is no source of everyday wage. At that point, I learned how to work with a sewing machine. Afterward, I came to know that the upazila will donate government sewing machines. For this,

The wife was accused of obtaining illegal assets worth Rs 6 crore,

Why is the Awami League afraid of this?

I gave my ID and a photograph. After a few days,

the Upazila bookkeeping collaborator. Macleshore Rahman called me on the phone. At that time, I put the sewing machine in front of me, took the photo, signed it, and said that the sewing machine would be conveyed to you afterward, taking off nowadays. He is an inhabitant of the Alisahapur Bagrat region in Upazila. I have known how to work a sewing machine for a long time,” said Sharmis Khatun, Shajahan Ali’s girl. However,

Due to the need for cash,

I couldn’t purchase a sewing machine. At that time, I came to know that Upazila LGED would formally disperse the sewing machines. I have submitted archives for this reason. At that point, two months prior, he called the upazila, took a photo of us in front of the sewing machine, and marked the paper. But they didn’t provide him with a sewing machine. He said he would be reached afterward. But it hasn’t happened,

However. I’m still waiting. Another lady,

Surma, said she took her ID card and took a photo in front of the sewing machine. I took the photo and sent it, but they did not provide the sewing machine. There is no news, however, as it will be given later. Moushumi Khatun, the spouse of Masood Rana of Bahadurganj town in Upazila, was given a sewing machine to this extent. Upazila LGD reached us over the phone and gave us a sewing machine,”

She told Jago News.

There were 10 to 15 other individuals with me. But this gadget is of exceptionally good quality. I can not work. I might have done without giving absent such steadfast things. Muklishur Rahman, accounts right hand of the Upazila Nearby Government Office, said sewing machines had been given to all those reached over the phone. The budget for each sewing machine was around Rs 8,000. Engineer Ashhabor of the Holahat Upazila Nearby Government Office said the sewing machines were disseminated sometime recently,

Eid al-Fitr. We do not recuperate any machines.

The LGED design set the sewing machine in front, took a photo of it, and, at that point, recovered it. The upazila build pointed the bolt of the complaint at the vice-chairman of the board of executives, Shehnaaz Khatun, and said that the vice-chairman of the board of chiefs is spreading these disarrays.

Those who are given sewing machines are instructed and constrained to say these things. Nothing else. In this respect, Upazila Women’s Board Bad Habit president Shehnaaz Khatun said that 27 names were recorded and given over to LGED for the sewing machine dispersion venture among ladies. They afterward disseminated the machines to 16 individuals. But eleven person

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