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The victim’s house is in Sherpur Upazila.

The victim's house is in Sherpur Upazila.

A college young lady (20) has remained at Saurabh Hassan Emon’s (22) house and is requesting marriage at Donti in Bogra.

The young lady claims that she has an adored undertaking with Eamonn. Call her to discuss marriage. But Eamonn ran absent without marrying.

In this case,

the youthful lady is on a starvation strike at her boyfriend Eamonn’s domestic from 5pm on Tuesday (May 21).

Emon is the child of UP part Abdul Rashid Badoli, who is from Chakda town in Donat upazila. He is a second-year graduate student at Donat State College.


The victim’s house is in Sherpur Upazila.

She is a 12th review understudy in a private college in Shirpur. According to neighborhood sources, approximately three and a half years ago, a cherished relationship was created between the youthful lady and Eamon. Realizing this, the girl’s father hitched her somewhere else. But Eamonn was not permitted to live there for long. Agreeing to him, after a month of marriage, the young lady isolated and moved to her father’s house. Eamonn guaranteed to wed her. After not getting hitched, he remained at his lover’s house. Eamonn Lapata since this incident.


The youthful casualty said:

“I have been in a relationship with Eamonn for three and a half a long time. He had sex a few times in the trap. Presently, we are talking almost marriage; Eamonn has gotten to be frantic. His family, moreover, denies acknowledging this relationship. In this case, I am constrained to remain here. If you do not wed me,

I will have to select the way of suicide.

Sourav Hasan Emon was not accessible for comment as he had fled domestic. His phone was too found exchanged off. But her father, Abdul Rashid Badoli, said: “My child may be recognizable as the young lady since of kinship.” There is nothing else. The young lady came to the house to outline my child and played a cherished drama.

Instruction Week 2024 in Dhaka.

There was viciousness in the races. An individual named Safar Alam, 35

The officer in charge of Donat Saikat Hassan Police Station said that the young college lady has not recorded any complaint with the police station so far. If complaints are received, legitimate action will be taken.

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