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There was viciousness in the races. An individual named Safar Alam, 35

There was viciousness in the races. An individual named Safar Alam, 35

To begin with, the decision of the recently shaped Eidgaon Upazila Parishad in Cox’s Bazar finished as a piece of polluted history.

There was viciousness in the races. An individual named Safar Alam, 35. a long time ancient,


Was martyred in this.

The rough occurrence happened during the voting preparation on Tuesday evening (May 21). Deceased Safoor Alam is the child of the perished Naamuddin of Malmurapara Ward No. 4 of Bukale West. He was a specialist for cruiser codes.

He is a relative of the candidate, Shams Al-Alam. After the beginning of the voting preparation at eight in the morning, the voting preparation proceeded easily for a few hours.

In any case, as the day advanced,

there was chaos in the middle. In different centers in Boukali, Jalalabad, and Egaon, laborers supporting a powerful candidate anticipated voters from coming to the center. Shams al-Alam, a candidate for the cruiser image, went to the Madhyam Boukali Center after getting such news.


Pineapple Symbol President candidate Saleem Akbar blocked the Cox’s Bazar-Chittagong Expressway at around 12:30 pm to dissent against the impact of Awami Association Upazila President Abu Talib and the ousting of his specialists by pariahs. In the meantime, hundreds of Labor supporters took a stand with him on the street.

As a result, activity on the interstate was ended for an hour.

Promptly upon getting the data, individuals from the security and arranging powers arrived, cleared the people caught, and returned activity to normal. An hour after this occurrence, savagery broke out in the center of West Bukale Malmurpara area.


According to observers, Safoor Alam’s house was assaulted and wounded, passing by neighborhood Maulvi Muhammad Alam. Azam Khan, part of Pokhali West 4th Ward of Pokhali Union, said that due to decision viciousness, individuals from other candidates assaulted the house. Plundering took put during this time.

Safoor Alam was wounded when he attempted to mediate.

After he was protected and taken to the healing center, the specialist announced his death. On the other hand, a fight took place between phone and cruiser code specialists at Ward No. 7 of the Edgaon Union Middle. As a result, a few hundred individuals driven by the recently chosen president of the Eidgaon Parishad (UP) and activists of Prateek Cruiser went to the Dhargampara zone.

They assaulted the homes of Prateek Bike supporters.

A video clip in this respect was circulated on social media. Hilal Al-Din, Waditla Ilyas’s child, was harmed in the assault. A few ladies are too said to have been injured. Edgaon, Pikua, and Shakaria Upazila Parishad Appointive Officer Extra Appointee Commissioner (Common) Vibhishan Kanti Das did not get calls asking about race violence.


Debjit, the clinic in charge of Edgaon Therapeutic Center in Cox’s Bazar RAB-15, said the decisions were completed reasonably and excellently. The collision happened on the exterior of the center. We have upgraded security. In this respect, Shobu Ranjan Chakma, officer-in-charge of Edgaon police station, said that one individual passed on in the race savagery. In any case,

It is off-center.

No one detailed the rest of the incident. The added number of voters in the Egaon Upazila Union, which incorporates Egaon, Islampur, Bukhali, Islamabad, and Jalalabad Union,

when they go to the market, boys and girls make sure to take Hilsa fish.

Kieron Berg, hacking and security consultant at Prism InfoSec reveals the five mistakes.


is 88,760. The number of female voters comes to 48,248 male voters and 40,212 female voters. Voting at the vote boxes proceeded ceaselessly from 8 am until 4 pm.

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