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The head of the DB said that we also wonder about those who do such work in society.

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Milton Samader, head of the Child and Aged Care Service, could not provide evidence of 900 burials. On the contrary, he admitted to the Detective Police (DB) that he made videos and posted them on Facebook to increase the body count and get people’s sympathy and money. +

Milton Samadar could not even provide any information about where the 135 bodies he recognized were buried.


Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Additional Commissioner (DB) Haroon Or Rasheed told reporters at the DB office on Mintu Road in the capital at 2 pm today. He said we would investigate Milton Samader’s allegations further. He tried to shake people’s conscience by posting these videos of orphans and helpless people on Facebook. And people believed him and sent money through Vikas-Nagad. Unfortunately, he did not keep any doctors in this Ashram.

On the contrary,

he performed various operations. Then, he enjoyed the demonic pleasure of people shouting. We have everything revealed. We still have some details to learn. If necessary, he will be arrested again.


The head of the DB said that we also wonder about those who do such work in society. I have seen crores of rupees taken from people and kept in their accounts. We will also find out who helped him.


He said Milton doesn’t care about anyone. Because he had contact with very special people, that’s why he thought that nobody could do anything to him. Those who brought children and sick people to Milton’s Ashram later went to Milton’s Ashram to inquire about the helpless people and abused and beat them.


Asked if Milton Samader’s wife was involved in the allegations being discussed, Haroon Or Rashid said: “If necessary,

we will call his wife in for questioning again.


The DB chief said a foundation fully takes responsibility for childcare and old age care at present. Earlier this afternoon, Milton Samadar, chairman of the Ashram for the care of children and the elderly,

all researchers worked underneath the hail of a single organization.

was produced in court after a four-day remand in a human trafficking case. Then, the DB police asked to keep him in jail until the investigation was over.

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