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Israel also said it would continue to attack Rafah as ceasefire talks ended without an agreement.


In Egypt,

negotiations for a ceasefire in Gaza between Hamas and Israel have failed. Ceasefire negotiations ended without an agreement. After that, Israel launched a massive attack.

Israeli forces renewed shelling of the Rafah area.

Israel also said it would continue to attack Rafah as ceasefire talks ended without an agreement.  visit more news


Reuters reported the information in a report on Friday (May 10). Palestinian residents reported that Israeli forces shelled the Rafah area on Thursday. rejected President Biden’s threat to cut off arms shipments to Israel.

if it attacks Rafah.


A senior Israeli official said late Thursday that the latest round of indirect talks held in Cairo to end the Gaza conflict have ended and that Israel will resume operations

Israel has submitted its objections to mediators regarding Hamas’ proposal for a deal to release prisoners in Gaza.


Netanyahu also said in a video statement: “If we have to, we will fight tooth and nail.” But for us,


it’s more than nails.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian armed groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad said their fighters fired anti-tank rockets and mortars at Israeli tanks on the eastern outskirts of the city.


Residents of Rafah, Gaza’s largest urban area, said an Israeli attack near a mosque in the city killed at least three people and wounded others. Video footage from the scene shows the minaret in ruins and two bodies wrapped in blankets.


At least 12 people,

including women and children, were killed in Israeli airstrikes on two houses in the Sabra district of Rafah city.

The dead included a senior commander of the Al Mujahideen Brigade and his family and the family of another leader of the group, doctors, relatives, and the group, they said.


Israel says Hamas fighters are hiding in Rafah.


Millions of Gazans are currently seeking refuge in Rafah, mainly due to Israeli aggression.

Over the past seven months, most of the Gaza Strip has been reduced to rubble.


It should be noted that since the unprecedented cross-border attack by Hamas on October 7, Israel has continued to carry out continuous air and ground attacks on the Gaza Strip. Thousands of buildings, including hospitals, schools, refugee camps, mosques, and churches,

were damaged or destroyed in the Israeli attack,

The Israeli outfitted compel inquired occupants of parts of Rafah

the Gaza Health Ministry said, adding that since October 7 last year, around 35,000 people have been killed and around 80,000 wounded. Result of the Israeli attack. Basically, the Israeli invasion turned Gaza into rubble.

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