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The country’s instruction has become so inadequate

The country’s instruction has become so inadequate that if there is any modification in the country, the work to alter it will not be completed without a doubt after 53 years.


In development, the keeping cash division included in the economy is directly fragile. Rules in this portion are set due to the requirement for degradation. Duty has collapsed in all areas of the country.


Speakers said these things at a course titled “Economy:

Bangladesh Directly,” organized by the non-political organization Dhaka Gathering and held at BRAC Center in Dhaka on Saturday. Salahuddin Ahmed, a building-up portion of the organization and past Congressperson of Bangladesh Bank coordinated the symposium.

Debapriya Bhattacharya acknowledges that the moo level of obligation in authoritative issues is one of the reasons for this..


He said: The horrendous effect on individuals,

families, teachers, and bunches has extended hugely. It is appalling for citizens that there is no political duty in the country to deal with them. No one will restrict this thought with the resistance party’s criticism, but they do not say how they would deal with the issues if they were in charge

Debapriya Bhattacharya is so popular that he had considered the limitation party’s 27 centres and 31 centres long a few times as of late the last parliamentary races and asked them a few questions.

The address is: How can the issue of overseeing an account division be murdered? What can’t the government do, and what can you do? Did you apologize for the corruption that happened in the midst of your term?

Why are they lost in showing disdain toward the gathering of millions of people? How do you choose people’s acceptance without giving these answer


“We are in an undemocratic state,”

commented Debapriya Bhattacharya. It doesn’t say what to do after hurling it missing. They will not go to neighbourhood races since they will not go to any choices.

The people of the country are, by and by, more careful than they were a few times recently.

This way, they will live in a completely depleted world. Computerized Bangladesh has been executed in the vision, and Bangladesh is on its way to becoming a Savvy Bangladesh.

People will not take to the streets if they cannot offer extraordinary alternatives.


Hussain Zilur Rahman, an advisor

To the past between times government, acknowledges that an incredible examination of authoritative issues and monetary things over the past 15 long time is fundamental at the beginning. “The regulating assembly does not require the prioritization of a vote-based framework over change,” he said.

A few say that there is an enhancement in showing disdain toward corruption. In my conclusion, it is not right to make the structure of thought in this war

Hussain Zilur Rahman said that an advanced reality has created administrative issues as an advanced appearance.

The appointive reality in the country has vanished. Not only did this happen on January but this float began in 2014. Control has become significantly centralized, and there is a requirement for accountability.


Hussain Zillur Rahman additionally clarified that political steps are being taken to keep cash division due to degradation. Top news

Once more, there is a high-tech stop in Jessore,

But it is mainly utilized as a community centre. The problem of inadequate monetary organization must be tended to. In conclusion, Bangladesh is being driven towards a longing, unsuitable, indecent, and anti-liberation war future.


cases in absentia. Were they imagined?

Explaining the circumstance, Asif Nazrul said: “Twelve people have been rebuked in Dhaka College in the last 15 a long time for the wrongdoing of talking out. Was without a doubt one from the blue gather rebuked for merriment?

And by and by, no one dares to vote from the white party. This is the circumstance in the college.

” Dhaka Earlier, the handle of naming judges to the Preeminent Court can additionally be talked almost, and more than 100 judges have been named in 17 a long time

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