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The Great Labor Day.

An intense heat wave sweeps Rangpur district. Workers are experiencing the most difficult days. The Rangpur District Jubo Association stood by the workers working under the scorching sun on


the Great Labor Day.

As part of the Gobo Association’s humanitarian activities, on Wednesday (May 1) at noon, 2,000 water bottles, 2,000 Ursalini, cold lemonade, and 500 watermelons were cut and fed to workers at Jahaj Company Junction, the busiest area of the city. more news:

Local Jubo Association Secretary General Mehdi Hassan Siddiqui chaired


the program conducted by Ronnie and the organization’s president,

Lahmin Chandra Das. Washimul Bari Shimu, one of the convening committee members of Rangpur District Awami League, Naushad Alam Raju, Vice President of Rangpur District Jubo League, Joint General Secretary Ashikur Rahman Sohil,


were present.

General Secretary of the Jubo Association of Rangpur District Mehdi Hassan Siddiqui Roni said that people’s lives were disturbed due to the heat wave that passed over Rangpur. In such a situation, on the occasion of the great Labor Day,

we distributed table salt, bottles of drinking water, syrup, and watermelon to the workers. We will continue this type of program until hot weather conditions return to normal.


We want to work alongside the ordinary poor.

 Awami League Jubo League President Sheikh Fazal Shams Parash and General Secretary Mainul Hussain Khan Nikhil, on the instructions of Jubo League leaders in Rangpur district, carried out various humanitarian activities. visit site

Local Jubo Association President Lahmin Chandra Das said that 2,000 water bottles and 500 watermelons were distributed to the workers today.


The satisfaction they get from eating is what makes our program worthwhile. We stand with the backward in all societies.


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