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The MP’s nephew’s verbalization created an environment of fear in the amplifier

The phenomenal Administrator will begin with organizing the 6th Upazila Parishad races, and the Dimla Upazila Parishad choices will be held in Nilphamari on May 8. Four individuals are competing for the position of president in this race. Among them are two considered compelling candidates.


The two are Upazila Awami Alliance common secretary

Anwarul Haq Sarkar Minto, cousin of MP Avtaruddin Sarkar from Nilphamari-1 (Dhumar-Dimla) voting open, and Firdous Parvez, joint convener of the Upazila Gobo Organization together. Both of them collect votes in the field as candidates for parliament.

Since the assignment of pictures on April 23, competing candidates have entered the appointive campaign field. He started his campaign with street social events and mouthpieces.


The candidates are plowing the zone

A few times as of late, coming to the appointive fight. The open back gathers the entryway to the door.

In this setting, the nephew of MP Firdous Parvez, the pineapple picture candidate, talked at a race gathering on Thursday (May 2). He said to win the vote, if not frequently, Caesar would be executed. The delegate puts his hands over his head.

When the video of his conversation went viral on Facebook, a storm of discussion and feedback broke out over the upazila.


He can furthermore be tuned in, saying in the video,

“Prior, the guard was Rs 10,000, but specifically, it is Rs 1,50,000. Is this a sensible lip advantage? I will see if it is standard. Something else, I will do it.” I will make a tyrant (vote closes by oblige).” I will vote. The MP is in his head; can’t we improve?”

The viral video in expansion appears of him standing with an enhancer at a street get-together in Khalesha Chbani Union upazila and making these comments to pioneers and activists.

At the time, the pioneers and activists showed up and chanted that this was true.


Local voters,

Who were not required to uncover their names, said that Parvez, MP Saheb’s nephew, had talked about having the center, which caused the video clip to go viral.

They said if the vote is captured or seized, at that point, what is the utilization of going to the voter center?

The government needs to spend a parcel of cash in order to coordinate the vote. It should be directly given.

A few adjoining voters, who did not require to be named for fear of driving, said individuals are losing acknowledgment in the government and the Race Commission since of such open enunciations. Upon hearing these addresses, fear spreads in the minds of voters.


One of the candidates for president,

Who did not wish to uncover his title, said that the government is orchestrating to hold the vote in a sensible environment.

There, the MP’s nephew’s verbalization created an environment of fear in the amplifier. In this way, voters can vote for him (Firdaus) to elude him. He also said that Choice Commission (EC) Secretary Md. Jahangir Alam.

There, he said that the upazila choices are not around anyone’s influence – the voting will be clear.

On the other hand, after the trade get-together that evening, the clarifications of the Representative’s nephew raised our concerns.


When he came on aadaptable phone

 I didn’t say these things. The voters showed up in the entirety of the session and said that you said that, and when inquired, they said that they were supporters of my enemy’s voters.

He hung up, saying that you researchers would confirm the news and appear it.

Aftab Uddin Sarkar, Parcel of Parliament for Nilphamari 1 (Domar and Dimla) voting socioeconomics, told writers that the Choice Commission would look into the matter. If he makes such an articulation, the committee will cancel his candidacy.

District race officer and Dimla officer Mohammad Jehangir Hussain told writers that he was cautious of the letter. The matter is being assessed, but none of the candidates or voters complained about it. 


It is essential that in Dimla upazila,

There are four individuals in the position of Chairman, seven individuals in the position of Vice-Chairman, and 3 in the position of Vice-President. Three of the four presidential candidates are from the Awami Union. Free one.

They are the to begin with president of the Upazila Awami Connection, and the current president is Bir Muktijoda. Pharmaceutical of Islam (Kabirish), Common Editor of Upazila Awami Union. Anwarul Haq Sarkar Minto (Horse), joint convener of Upazila Gobo Association. Firdous Parvez (Pineapple).

The autonomous candidate is a past president of Jayapari Barmuktijodha Union (Bike).


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