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What is the message of Lu’s visit to Dhaka?

What is the message of Lu's visit to Dhaka?

The US wanted to unite the BNP-Awami League to hold acceptable elections. Before the last three elections,What is the message of Lu’s visit to Dhaka?

The country’s diplomats tried and failed.

Before the 12th National Assembly elections, the US State Department was considered ultimately flexible despite having offered several warnings. The visit of Under Secretary of State for Central and South Asia Donald Low to Bangladesh for the fourth time indicates that this trend will continue. In addition to raising some uncomfortable topics,

He talked about corruption,

Government transparency and accountability, investment, and Bangladeshi students studying in the United States. On the first day of the visit, he spoke to the country’s civil society and discussed labor rights, human rights, and the financial situation.

In the evening,

He attended a dinner at the invitation of the prime Minister’s advisor and spoke on various issues, including Palestine, sanctions, and the Rohingya. Lu spoke to reporters after the Foreign Ministry meeting on Wednesday (May 15). Although he talked about some annoyances there, he also talked about forgetting the past and starting fresh and positive.

What is the message of Lu’s visit to Dhaka?

Lu said my visit aims to build new trust between citizens of the two countries. We work hard to have free, fair, and impartial elections here. “Today, I spoke to the Minister about how to work on uncomfortable issues in our relationship. We have many uncomfortable things: the ban on RAB, the modification of labor laws, human rights reforms, the business environment, etc. We want to increase cooperation on positive issues to address.

With uncomfortable questions,

.” Lu added. “Comfortable.” Visit of Professor of the Department of International Relations of the University of Dhaka, Dr. Donald Low. Amina Mohsen told Jago News: “In the agenda that she presented after the elections, there are important issues such as the Indo-Pacific and climate change. Naturally, there will also be discussions about how to move forward with sanctions.

It is best to continue the conversation.

That’s where I see it positive. Donald Low was not invited by the government: who? The United States warns about imposing sanctions on India. When asked if he saw any difference between the visit before the elections and the current one, this professor from the Department of International Relations said: “They (the United States) had a position when they came before the elections.”

The elections are over.

What they said they did not implement. A country like the United States or any other country does not pursue its foreign policy based solely on certain principles. Your input is key. It is very important to maintain entry and dominance in the competition taking place in this region. Foreign policy is conducted with countries based on their interests. As the new government comes in, they should continue with this government.

The continuity that is occurring will continue.

Awami League and Jatiya Sangsad Organizing Secretary Abu Saeed Al Mahmood told Jago News: “The visit of the Under Secretary of State of a country like the United States of South and Central Asia to Bangladesh is undoubtedly a significant diplomatic initiative. As for his visit,

let’s talk.

The ‘goat don’t “Eat if she’s crazy type is taken from Circle. It’s ruined to talk about it or spread propaganda. He comes to a sovereign and dignified country to continue developing the relationship between the two countries and work to achieve common interests. Whoever thinks that the Minister of another State will come to intervene in our internal political affairs is yet to be mentally independent or has a defective mentality.

He further said,

“They forget the freedom gained at the cost of the lives of three million people and are not much aware of the rise in global politics of Bangladeshi leader Sheikh Hasina. His visit will open a new horizon for working more on the common interests of the two countries. He said at a press conference at the General Secretariat headquarters on Tuesday (May 14) that US Undersecretary of State Donald Law came to discuss the implementation of his country’s agenda.

We don’t invite them; 

They come here to satisfy their different needs. We don’t care about any problem, including your visa policy. He is not a minister; why all the fuss about him? Earlier today, Mon.

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