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At Cox’s Bazar seaport, visitors thronged the shoreline to witness

At Cox's Bazar seaport, visitors thronged the shoreline to witness

At Cox’s Bazar seaport, visitors thronged the shoreline to witness

At Cox’s Bazar seaport, visitors thronged the shoreline to witness the sand tornado circumstance in spite of fiasco number 9. At Kalatali, Labani, and Suganda, the nearness of local people and visitors was watched from the tomorrow.


Due to the effects of the tropical storm,

sprinkles or overwhelming rain sometimes happen on the coast beginning in the early afternoon. Added to this is the solid wind. However, numerous visitors remain on the shoreline to mull over the nature of the ocean. Be that as it may, the nearby organization and traveler police forbid visitors from entering the sea.



the ocean is turbulent as the wind speed increases. Deliberate organizations, including the locale organization, have been conducting the alarm campaign since last night. Be that as it may, in spite of the campaign, no individual has been seen in the violent wind covers since last night.

To avoid harm caused by tornado sand in the Inlet of Bengal, Cox’s Bazar seaport has, as of now, been inquired to show threat flag number 9. Cox’s Bazar shoreline is rough due to sand. Tides stream 4 to 6 feet higher than typical. A ruddy hail has been raised on the sandy shoreline to appear as the threat flag. Visitors run to the shoreline in the morning to see this scene.



Zainal Abedin,

a worker of Ocean Secure Life Protect, said that due to the effect of Violent Wind Sand, crisis flag No. 9 showed up in Cox’s Bazar. So, the ocean is unpleasant. Ruddy banners are hung at all focus on the shoreline. The ruddy hail cautions people not to swim in the ocean. We do not permit anybody to swim on the beach.

Meanwhile, Samiti Para in Cox’s Bazar was submerged by the tide. The streets and Chutki Mahal are sinking beneath the water. From Samiti Para Bazar to Qutubdia Para, Samiti Para, Mostak Para, and Bassinna Para, low-lying regions were submerged. Individuals look for secure protection as water levels rise. Storm Sand caused ocean levels to rise. Due to the tidal stream in the area, it has been sprinkling in Cox’s Bazar since morning.

The tides began entering Samiti Para on Sunday evening. CPP volunteers are encompassing the range, encouraging individuals to empty to safety.


Syed Hussain, an inhabitant of the Samitipara region,

said that after 12 twelve, the region was suddenly submerged by tides. Surges submerged streets, houses, and businesses. We went with the family to the outskirts.

Ali Azgar, an inhabitant of the Qutbadia neighborhood, says the range was overwhelmed by the tides. But this time, due to the rising ocean level, water entered the Nezirrtik Shuntke Mahal region due to the effect of the tornado. This made the staff busier in collecting things from Shuntki Mahal.

He moreover said that the take-off of BIWTA authorities at all levels had been canceled.


Cox’s Bazar civil councilor Aktar Kamal said the inhabitants of Samitipara were cleared to secure protection. The typhoon center is ready.

Kieron Berg, hacking and security consultant at Prism InfoSec reveals the five mistakes.

Cox’s Bazar appointee commissioner Mohamed Shaheen Imran said 10,800 volunteers, counting 8,600 from the Cambodian People’s Party and 2,200 from the Ruddy Bow, had been arranged to bargain with the fiasco. 638 covers prepared. The control room was introduced in the local governor’s office. In expansion, the licenses of all open workers have been canceled.

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