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Abdul Rahim (32), the main arms supplier to the Ansar Vel Hindal Sharqia group,

Abdul Rahim (32), the main arms supplier to the Ansar Vel Hindal Sharqia group,

Abdul Rahim (32), the main arms supplier to the Ansar Vel Hindal Sharqia group,

was arrested by the Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) unit of the police.

DMP Head of the Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crimes Unit (CTTC) and Additional Commissioner (CTTC) Md. León del Tiempo. On Wednesday (May 15), according to intelligence input, he was arrested in a raid in the Kalyakir police station area in the Ghazipur district. Subsequently, according to the information he provided, the Counter-Terrorism Committee confiscated a large quantity of weapons and explosives.

During the raid, they seized:

  • A foreign 7.65 calibre pistol
  • Four locally manufactured rifles
  • Three rifles loaded with locally manufactured ammunition
  • A locally manufactured single-shot pistol
  • A locally manufactured stabbing weapon and
  • 16 bullets
  • 11 cartridges. Twenty-four shotgun shells,two scopes, a gas mask, a light charger, a rechargeable battery, two walkie-talkies and two chargers, 6 litres of acid-like liquid, 60 feet of electrical cord, a cell phone signal booster, a wire antenna, a hammer I saw one, a hexagonal blade, four lights, four electrical supports, two blue plastic cylinders and a tripod.

According to the Counter-Terrorism Center,

detained Abdul Rahim was leading the ‘Rahim Dhakat’ group around 2019 and carrying out terrorist activities in Ramu and Naikcheongchari districts. He was recently supplying arms and ammunition to the extremist organization Jamaat Ansar East India. CTTC Unit Head and Additional Commissioner (CTTC) Md. Asaduzzaman said that following the arrest of Abdul Rahim, Ansar group’s main arms supplier, Phil Hindal Sharqia,

preliminary interrogation was carried out.

He said Al-Sharqia hid underground inside barrels in the Naikcheongshari forest in the Bandarban region to supply weapons and ammunition to the group. Subsequently, on the basis of the information provided by him, a raid was carried out, and a large quantity of weapons and explosive equipment was seized underground in a dense forest on the slopes of the hills in the Chagal Khaya area under the police station.

Naikcheongshari police station in Bandarban district.

The CTTC chief said Abdul Rahim was stockpiling weapons to supply to another group. Previously, he had supplied weapons and ammunition to other armed organizations on several occasions. He also said that when the Ansar Fel Hindal Sharqia group’s training camp was found in the mountainous areas at the beginning of the joint forces operation, Abdul Rahim,

who was arrested,

supplied weapons to the armed organizations on several occasions. More weapons were scheduled to be delivered later. And he picks up some of the parts of it. During the joint forces operation, he hid these weapons underground and reached the plains. We recently raided Ghazipur and arrested him.

During the interrogation,

this intestine was found. A large quantity of weapons was recovered when he raided the barren Naikshyongchari forest with him. Al-Sharqiya members were trained to make explosive devices in training camps. They required different types of chemicals. That chemical was also supposed to be supplied. He bought mobile phone network amplifiers to supply armed groups. But investigations are underway into how it was collected.

The Anti-Terrorism Center chief also said that Ansar Vel Hindal Sharqia,

mastermind and head of the organization, Shamin Mahfouz, started the organization’s training camp in the hills, and Abdul Rahim was working to collect weapons. With him was the weapons supplier who had been detained earlier. Kabir Ahmed was in touch. This is a great offer for Rahim to work in the organization. Rahim thus accepted his proposal and, in addition to providing weapons,

he also worked on recruiting members of the organization.

Rahim will be sent to court with a 10-day remand application to find out how he collected these weapons, who else was involved with him and at what stage he received help. The Anti-Terrorism Center director also said that on June 23, 2023, Shamin Mahfouz, mastermind and head of the Ansar group Phil Hindal Sharqiya,

The company Sunvis by Tani bought wholesale clothes from on Elephant Road also closed.

was arrested. After his arrest, Al-Sharqiya’s training, weapons source and financing were thoroughly investigated before the arrest of Shamin Mahfouz,

one of his relatives.

Yashin (40 years old) is an arms supplier from Bandarban. Kabir Ahmed (50 years old) was arrested on January 8 of that year.

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They said that at that time, locals Kabir Ahmed and Abdul Rahim Sharqiyar, along with Koki Chin, provided weapons and ammunition in exchange for money for military training. How many fugitives participate in ent

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