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Sundarban anglers capture different crabs in the middle of the season

Sundarban anglers capture different crabs in the middle of the season, but no huge crab has been caught in their nets. They had no thought that a crab may weigh one and a half kilograms.

Abu Hanif Farji (50, a long-time old-fashioned) and Harun Hawladhar (45, a long-time outdated), two anglers from North Rajapur-Polarbar town close to the Sundarbans, said they were amazed when they saw the crab weighing one and a half kilograms.


We have been collecting points and crabs for 15-20 years.

The anglers said that a female crab, as a run appears, weighs 200-250 grams. The weight of the male crab comes to 300-500 grams.


But they were staggered by the news of the closeness of a crab weighing one and a half kilograms. Anglers were not the only ones collecting crabs; shippers and fisheries stars were also surprised.


Discussions have proceeded

Ever since a mammoth shake crab was caught in the net of an angler named Baleshwar Nadi Rahim of Charankhola, Bagerhat, on Saturday (May 4).

Crab dealer in North Rajapur neighborhood town Zakir Hussain Khan said he has been in the point and crab trade for 20 a long time.

He has to be that as it may capture a crab weighing more than 500 grams. In any case, the crab caught on Saturday weighed 470 grams per kilogram.


It is recognized that the crab moved from the Sundarbans

To the Baleshwar Conduit and got stuck in a calculating net. A gold shipper named Biswajit Karmakar of Sadar Upazila bought the Rinda Crab Bazaar for Tk 1,500. Biswajeet Karmakar said: I have never seen such a colossal crab in my life.

After angler Rahim caught the crab and brought it to his shop, Biswajit Karmakar took it truant a few times as of late long as he saw it.

He gave what he inquired for. Biswajeet said that Vishal would not miss this tremendous crab without a doubt if he required more.


Crab seller Zakir Hussein

Said that a few a long time prior, he tuned in to the news of a crab weighing 900 grams being caught in the ocean. But he knew nothing about the crab, which weighs one and a half kilograms.

He felt that the crab was sold at a remarkably much-taken toll. It would have been sold for at scarcest two thousand rupees per kilogram.


Murilganj Upazila, Chief Fisheries Officer

Vinay Kumar Roy, and Chief Fisheries Officer Sharankhola.

If these crabs are colossal, their weight can reach half a kilo (500 grams). It is extraordinary to discover a crab weighing one and a half kilograms.


Fisheries masters

Said that shake crabs are by and huge found in the Sundarbans locale. Since the timberland is connecting, it is conceivable that the crabs moved from there to the Baleshwar Stream. Looking at the photo, it looks like the crab is exceptionally old-fashioned.


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